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What do you want

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In your relationship? 


If I get that question I always say, trust and getting love, but if I think about it. Its alot more... I just wanted get treated like a princess and having love. I always do things I want to get to. 

Like, giving breakfast in bed. I do that because I really love to get that!

I always say "do things in relationship what you want to."

So the chance is more that the person give it to you because he, she, they liked you gave/did that to/for them.


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What I want is for my relationship to not fall apart down the road. That could be years down the road. I just hope the person I'm with doesn't change like my ex wife changed. 

My ex wife went from being an amazing person to being a self entitled, vindictive, lying, cheating, and greedy person. I don't want to relive that with my girlfriend. I hope she continues being a good person. 

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Meh, I don't really have an answer here. Everything sounds cliche and is the same thing just about everyone wants in a relationship. Some things you're going to get, and some things you're not. Some things you don't even know you want until you're in the middle of a relationship that is lacking that "som*thing." The question I ask myself after a period of time in a relationship is, can I live without the things I want that this person does not offer me? Since I'm single, I guess you could say I haven't found what I want, just what I don't want.

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