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Is It Normal To Receive Threats Online?

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Has anyone ever made a verbal threat to do you bodily harm or to have you k*illed?

Myself personally. There was this k*id I p*issed off in middle school. He thr*ea*tend to end my life. Another person heard him say it. He spent time in In- school suspension for a month. It was taken seriously because of Columbine and other current school shootings. 

My ex sister in law and I didn't get along. She thr*ea*tened to have one of her guy friends end my life.

So far. I've been fortunate that no one has made an attempt or made good on their th*r*eats.

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Yeah, but I don't think they were truly serious. It was scary and they did jump me and beat me up, but they were just a bunch of punk k***s that fancied themselves to be some type of gang. They weren't anything close.

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