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Hours spent on the internet?

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When I used to draw, I used to spend 48 hours straight - that includes not sleeping and just drinking coffee so that I can finish commissions and finish my comic page. 

Now I spend an average of 5-6 hours on my laptop. I usually write, play video games, or read manga. 

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Depends on how you define "on the internet." If it's just personally browsing, probably a couple of hours a day. If you want to include streaming music, TV, video games then almost 24/7. I almost always have music playing or the TV on, even if I'm not really watching it. 

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Oh no, I hate to admit to this but here we go…


Short answer: Infinity.

Long answer: I spend all hours of the day and night hooked up to the internet in some way or another as all of my work-related activities are performed through online portals which already equates to the majority of my day.

I wear a watch that receives messages, measures my heart rate through photoplethysmography, reminds me when to take movement breaks and is also online…

I have surveillance monitors in my home that stream directly to a phone - you know, to ensure safety.

My front doorbell and many home appliances are linked to phones through the internet.

Any socialising with friends is now primarily through Google Meet, Zoom, FaceTime and WhatsApp thanks to the pandemic.

Like Onision said, even Netflix is online and the only features that I use on my smart TV are web-based.

To add to all of this, I’m constantly being tracked through ‘Find My Friend’ on my phone.


It’s pretty safe to say that I suffer with paranoia occasionally…frequently..?


On a lighter note, we will never own an Amazon Echo. Nope. Never. Ever.

Therefore, everything is probably fine, right?


P.S - run for yr lives. hide.

P.P.S send help.

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