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What Relationship Do You Have With Your Parents?

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Horrible, but I guess that's life. Sometimes you have to look at your parents as flawed humans rather than someone who can be absolved of everything simply because they gave birth to you and "Tried their best".

It took alot of self reflection, honesty and therapy to be the person I am today. Having to take care of yourself emotionally and navigate aspects of your life alone will do that to a person. My dad passed away a couple of years back. My mom makes zero effort to see me, or advocate for me (which she never has) 

I never would have thought I'd be alive right now and be this strong though. I've grown some really tough skin because of it. I now know how NOT to parent my c******n if I ever have any.

If your parents are there for you emotionally and help you to become a better person/love you unconditionally you are lucky ❤ 

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I have a great relationship with my parents now, but that has not always been the case my whole life. I was pretty estranged from them for years because I was angry at them. I even went 2-3 years without speaking to them at all. 

I got tired of being angry though, and me being angry didn't change the past. I decided to forgive them and move on. I would rather have a relationship with them and be a family than be angry and have no family at all. I'm glad I did mend that bridge because they have been my greatest supporters mentally and emotionally in helping me get clean and sober these past few years. They are probably more like my best friends now. 

My parents are nowhere near perfect, they've made mistakes that hurt me deeply, but they didn't do it maliciously with the intent to hurt me. I think years later, they saw how the choices they made affected me and were remorseful. They haven't exactly apologized, but I know they regret some of the decisions they made when I was a c***d that will affect me for the rest of my life. I know they love me. They're always trying to help me, even when I don't need it. It's almost annoying sometimes, but I know they do it out of love, so it's endearing at the same time.

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One word - appearances.

It's a t*****e relationship.

By the time I got to know my biological Father - I had only a few short years with him. Brain Tumor took his life. He was a wonderful man.

My biological Mother married into money. My life was filled with ab**e, and although they had wealth - no one wouldn't known it from meeting me. I was an only c***d, technically (half-brother from Dad that I barely see, nor was raised with). Dressed poorly, locked away in institutions - malnourished because my Step-Father believed I was overweight. Sheltered from the world until I was emancipated at 17.

They only keep in touch because they try to appear as a perfect family. That and my Step-Father has lost control over his biological c******n so he targets me in attempt to fulfill that need. It's a long story - lol.

As a Mother of 2 - I strive to be the best for my spawnlings. I hope they never have the resentment I do.

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I'd say things are finally on a good track with my biological parents. Distance did us some good, the previous issues are no longer prominent and everything is perfect with them. I'm finally making an effort to see them again more often (I was shocked to see how much my siblings have grown in just a year or so (I use to see them at Christmas)) 

I also have a family who is "adopted" to me, i.e my best friend's parents, and herself. They are also family and I do adore them as well. I'd say distance really does fix a lot in some situations because there definitely was issues with adoptive and biological family, that I'd say have completely vanished since moving out of either. It's nice to feel more free and in control of these situations now. 

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