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Help create a Halloween Playlist! Post all your Halloweeny songs here. Don't limit yourself to just scary movie theme songs. Include anything and everything that has to do with witches, ghosts, goblins, demons, monsters, the paranormal, psychos, and more! Anything that you find spooky sounding or you think sounds dark and sinister. 

I'll start with a song called "Ghosting." It's not scary, but it's Halloweeny! 🎃🎃🎃


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5 minutes ago, Sierra said:

It's a little early, but sure 😝


I'm helping a friend who works at a Haunted House every year. He makes a playlist to play outside where people are waiting to go in. It needs to be a substantial one so there aren't a bunch of repeat songs. He creates a new playlist every year and spends months creating it. This is a fun way to get ideas on here and plenty of time to get a lot of suggestions. 😀

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3 hours ago, OldGreqq said:

This is great! It's not som*thing I think I've heard before!

I was listening to a vintage Halloween song playlist last year and this song played. I've heard it before but rediscovered it in that playlist 😃

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