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Worst movie you watched?

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I guess it depends on definitions of worst. I've seen a lot of s***tty student films, but it would be unfair to compare that to something Disney puts out, for example. I've seen The Room many times, and had such an entertaining experience, I can't say it was all-around bad. Films like A Clockwork Orange or A Serbian Film can be really difficult to watch due to how disgusting they are, but I understand the message they're trying to tell and appreciate that. 

But the film "Leap Year" I just hated. None of the characters were likable, all behaved horribly selfish, and it just came across as offensive to the Irish.

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21 hours ago, Onision said:

See I never understood why people disliked FF so much.

I think FF Spirits Within was an acquired taste. Personally I loved it. Looking back now I've noticed how outdated the graphics look. When I was a teenager, it looked super advanced back then.



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3 hours ago, brittniisundae said:

The last twilight movie. I fell asleep alot during the movie. Woke up during the fight scene, embarrassed my ex.  Clapping and going  "yeah!" Then afterwards became disappointed...just wanted to go back to sleep. 

kristen stewart twilight GIF

Twilight was so funny.

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