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Did you ever start a break up?

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Yes, I've broken up with a few guys. More often than not, I'm the one who has been left but I have initiated a break-up a few times. I'm the type of person that stays in a bad relationship too long if I love the person. I guess the older I get, the less tolerant I am.

I left my ex-hubby and initiated the divorce. We were together 6 years and I probably should have left around the 2-3 year mark. We had a c***d involved though, so like a lot of people, I stuck it out much longer than I should have because of that. I left because he was a controlling, emotionally ab**ive a-hole. There was much more on top of that, but that was the main reason I left.

I left another guy because he was a mooch and he was disrespecting the rules of my home. He was living with me basically for free. I had to ask him to help contribute to the bills when at the time, I was struggling to pay them. I didn't even ask until he had already been staying with me for 2 months. He slept there, ate my food, and never once offered a cent until I complained. On top of that, I was on probation at the time, and couldn't have alcohol or d***s (obviously) in my home. He was a pot smoker and drinker and I'd come home from work to him drinking. I found his pot stash on accident when I was cleaning. I was livid. If they had decided to do a home check, I could have gone to j**l even if it wasn't mine. He overstepped that boundary more than once. I finally was like this guy's a bum who's going to put me in j**l so he's got to go.

The last guy I dated was absolutely perfect personality wise. I've never met a more perfect match for me and we got along great and had a lot of fun together. I loved him to d**th and we were together 3 years. I probably should've left at the 6 month mark. In the 3 years we dated, he had a job all of 3 months and that was at the end of our relationship. He still lived at home with his parents. He was basically a spoiled man-c***d. He didn't want to work and his parents didn't make him. I spent 2.5 years of our relationship trying to make him realize that if he wanted to have a real future with me he needed to get a job. He was the guy I started dating after the mooch guy, so I didn't want another mooch. I wasn't going to spend forever dating him while he lived with his parents and refused to get a job, so I finally left him. He gave me no hope for a future with him. That was the last relationship I was in and I've been single for a little over a year now. 

I know how to pick some real winners, lol. I just choose to be single now. I've had the opportunity to date other people, but I just don't want to. 😕 I'm not good at relationships.

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Thanks, I hope I do too, but I'm ok right now just being by myself. Too many times I've compromised my expectations for the sake of love, or because I didn't want to be alone. I'm finally learning how to be alone and be myself without depending on someone else to feel self-worth or value. 

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To be honest, I normally lead into them —> breaking up with me. 

I sense distance probably for days, maybe even weeks or months. I know they don’t really want me anymore, that they’re fully rejecting me even without breaking up yet. 

So I’ll finally bring up the elephant in the room, asking questions like “Do you even want this anymore?”, seeing their response usually tells you how badly they want to break up. 

I get sad, real sad after being rejected.

But usually I like to have closure, even if most times we don’t really even need it or deserve it.

So, I’m usually the one being dumped. 

But I definitely lead into the inevitable 😕

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I've done all the breaking up. I have low tolerance for BS. It's like a switch turns off in my head & I just stop loving the person & I tell them that. "This is not working, it needs to end."

I've been lucky, majority of the men just leave confused but oh wow the one woman I dated... psycho. Dodged a bullet with that one, glad I ended it before getting more invested.

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Posted (edited)
On 8/15/2021 at 4:39 AM, Two said:

Dodged a bullet with that one, glad I ended it before getting more invested.

I know how you feel. Sometimes you have to do it as soon as you get bad vibes from them when they start acting up after the honey moon phase begins to wear off. You wanna get them out of your life before they get dug in like an Alabama Tick. Then it becomes one of those deals where you have to go through h;ell or high water just to get rid of them. 

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Im the one always breaking up with the women im with. I only found one woman that didnt have anything to hide. I broke up with her because she lived on the west coast and I wanted her to be with her own fam than with me. Shes got married a year after I broke up with her dms blew up after that with pictures of her happy life 

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