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Is It Time To Say Goodbye?

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What of the folks who are not immortal or elite? I cannot afford either, but I really enjoy browsing and posting here. I was disappointed to find the discord wasn't able to be used by regular members, but totes cool with it after coming upon the website and muscling in through approvals and such. Are we going to have somewhere to chat, or will it only be for folks who pay money now? 😰 Referencing the post on the discord in which he mentions making the forums exclusively for immortals and elites.

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I’m probably going to leave the “Members” category alone on this site but Newbies will no longer be able to post which means no more being promoted to Members.

In other words, you made it into Noah’s Arc in time.

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1 hour ago, Onision said:

I mean as you just saw, it will be super nice to keep the loonies out more efficiently.

Especially the ones that come on here and act like religious zealots, have a superiority complex, are sanctimonious, act holier than thou, and blindly judge without researching any kind of evidence. Even when you tell them to provide evidence. They can't because there isn't any. They just keep on and on and on like the idiot they are. They're so closed minded and obtuse that the only thing you can do is throw them out seeing as they can't be reasoned with. 

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