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100 Reasons Bing Is The Worst Search Engine


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I just searched for "what is 33c" and it gave me


Universal (3300/33C) Type Universal (or 3300/33C) type throttle/shift control cables are direct replacements for many boats using aftermarket controls or most engine manufacturer's controls with the correct adapter kit. Universal 3300/33C cables can be connected to most engines.

I went to Google and Google went ahead and converted Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Any other reasons Bing annoys you? How about the fact that it is made default on many browsers despite you never asking it to be default?

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Bing is the worst simply because it never comes up with good results, especially if my search is really vague like in your example. I also accidentally installed it as my default browser once and I swear it put a virus on my computer. It was almost impossible to remove.

Internet Explorer /Microsoft Edge is only a little better. Google just seems to have the best results and every other search engine is just subpar compared to it.

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