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30 minutes ago, PoptartBarbie said:

Shelbyalyseart is my insta for art I'll follow you back if you have an insta for art. If not then idk. But  you don't have to . I was drawing a TON . But recently cut back because I got a bunch of other stuff that demanded a lot of time. Also I had a huge flood of commissions come in and got a little burnt out. 


I still have to finish a k***s book I have been working on and have a few more dnd commissions but after that I'm definitely taking a step back .

But I went to college for graphic and web design at an art focused school so it's the main thing I had courses in . I'm still not very good I guess but I've spent the last 4 years since being out of college trying to get better and be a professional.  Basically I'm still not good but . Life is hard and stuff doesn't always come easy. But with enough work maybe one day. It's kind of like a 10 year goal .

If you are getting flooded with commissions and are so busy that you get burnt out, then I have to say you're pretty good and other people must think so too. Give yourself more credit. 😉

I'll look you up on Instagram. It's one of the few social media I do have, lol. I don't use it though. Well, I guess I use it to get on there and poke around and look at stuff, but I don't post anything. I'm also no artist so there would be no point in following me.

I'm no artist but there are a couple I do follow. I plan to purchase a piece one day if I have the funds. 

The first is Jono Dry Art. He has a website, Instagram, and YouTube channel. I'm obsessed with his time lapse videos of his art. If I was any good at drawing, I would be interested in his tutorial videos, but I'm hopeless in that aspect. His medium is all pencil / graphite and he produces amazingly realistic texture and his drawings almost look like photos, but they aren't. 


The second is Nathan Ledyard Art and he has a website, Instagram, and FB. His medium is wood and all of his art are waves or the ocean. He carves it into wood and then paints it.



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29 minutes ago, PoptartBarbie said:

 I'm not that good I usually just do digital . I try really hard to cartoon because it's more in demand and I was more traditionally trained. I used to do more realistic stuff but . I'm not that amazing. Thanks for the look up. 

 Honestly the commissions are just fro. People thinking I'm cute online and checking out my art. I didn't legitimately earn them like I wanted to anonymously.  But I mean I'll take what I can get I guess. 😌 I kind of unlinked my art from all my other socials. Because I felt like I wasn't getting what I wanted the right way. Which sounds backwards but if I do well as an artist. I would like it to be because I'm actually unique , and actually talented , not just people lying and wanting to be nice. It's partially why I kept my account anon for so long. I didn't tell friends or family. Most people just lie and say you're great. 


Mine is different for sure and not everyone's cup of tea. 

How can you say you're not talented?! Your art is awesome! Just got done checking your page out. I have to say you sell yourself short. I could see you being an artist for the next Tim Burton movie or som*thing.

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