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Selfie Thread!


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1 hour ago, Blixie Bimber said:

Isn't it a bad idea in general, to post selfies to user names? I think that anonymity is a blessing. Of course, that means that I'm u**y, old, and not tech savvy.

Yeah, I had a selfie as my profile picture before. It’s not that I think I’m u**y, I just realize that I’m not anonymous anymore after I post one.

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On 7/24/2021 at 5:43 AM, SummertimmeSahneh said:

This is just being a fuxking pro . Icee Coooooool!!!!!

Haha, thank you very much your nap selfies are pretty cool too!!! A well needed nap is always appreciated.

Anyone can be a selfie pro with a cellphone tripod 😄

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On 6/29/2021 at 12:03 PM, SummertimmeSahneh said:

My fav selfies are the "after nap" 

This one has an owner, it was meant for a purpose. And for someone really special:3Screenshot_2021-06-19-19-12-27-971_com_miui.gallery.thumb.jpg.3630026f65e7f9382c93897f39623b14.jpg

Then we have the "I'm pissed of live I better express it "(am I the only one that can overuse a certain angle for a long long time? Then just get tired of it )IMG_20210624_212113.thumb.jpg.2b1962ab0a2b02c75092214154e64641.jpg

Nice, if you have a favorite angle definitely use it. Models reuse angles all the time.

Sweet after nap selfies!!!

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10 hours ago, purringskeleton said:


oops i made a new account because i accidentally used the wrong email 

I made that same mistake too. 😅

I just abandoned my other account because onision clears out the inactive accounts.

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