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The last doc*mentary I watched was the Discovery+ one on Onision. I had just gotten a 6 month free trial for it through Verizon for having unlimited data.

Before I watched the doc*mentary, I had never heard of Onision and I had never heard of "the controversy." I'm not a YouTube follower of anything. I just use it to look up music and silly animal videos. I'm not on Twitter, TikTok, Discord, etc. I have a FB that I haven't used in about 3 years and an Instagram that I've made all of 3 posts to when I first got it and never went back. I swore off social media because it was full of self-righteous opinionated a-holes and it just seemed to me it was becoming a breeding ground for h**e & malice.

I watched the Onision doc*mentary simply because it was a "recommended for you" item on Discovery+. When I finished the doc*mentary, I felt...irritated. I was bothered. I am through and through an INFJ and the J is for justice, which means that I am all about honesty, fairness, the facts, etc, etc. So I was irritated because I felt that the doc*mentary was lacking. Lacking legitimate info and evidence, completely disorganized, totally one sided, and it had no real point to it except to villainize one person. It seemed liked a trial by media thing and that stuff really rubs me the wrong way. I h**e it. Basically, my thought at the end was this sounds like bunch of he said, she said BS that the media has jumped on and made into a scandal to make money off of.

So I googled Onision because I wanted to know more. And that led me to his Twitter where people were just being horrible and reminded me of why I don't do social media anymore. People should keep their opinions to themselves and shouldn't form one without all the facts. If someone asked me what my opinion was, I would say I don't have one. It's not my place to have one or to judge anyone on how they choose to live their life. And yes, I read all of his own evidence, but I still don't have an opinion because I'm not him and I wasn't there and I have no business forming an opinion or making assumptions about his life. So anyway, his Twitter led me here to the forum. 

I ghosted in the background as a guest for a bit to see what it was all about. I liked the fact that people weren't jumping down each other's throats over stuff, so I decided to join because I liked this as an alternative to social media. It was also my own little way of fighting back against the unfair social justice that has occurred. Discovery+ made some fans leave, but they also created one supporter, and I bet there are more people like me.

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I posted this in another thread about a certain topic but I think it belongs here too. The Social Dilemma is on Netflix and is basically a doc*mentary about the dangers of social media and how it manipulates people, spreads disinformation, affects mental health, etc.

I just watched another YouTube video that had a lot of criticism for this doc*mentary and recommended another one called The Great h*ck (also on Netflix), which I have not watched yet, but will be checking out next.


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