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What Is Your Morning Routine?

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What is you morning routine? 

Mine is waking up because my toddler is crying. Then I tell her she can open her door and come to me. Then we laying in bed for like 30 minutes sometimes a hour. 

Make my little one ready for the day. I'm always in my pyamas till we need to leave the house then I make my self ready. 

Afther that give her breakfast and I drink my koffie and smoke a sigaret outside. Then I brush my teeth and hers en we start the day


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I feed my kitty. Feed myself. Check my notifications. Yoga stretching/take a walk on the trail. Errand running. It's not a list though, just habit 😂 I have too many random things that happen throughout my day...my body is like "must prepare, because I don't even know"

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Wake up. Sometimes I hit snooze on the alarm, sometimes I don't. Feed my kitties. Get my coffee going. Hop in the shower. Get ready for work, usually 6 days out of the week but not always. Get my travel mug of coffee and snacks I take to work together and I'm out the door. On good days it's a 45 min process, on my slower days it's an hour.

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