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Who Is The Zodiac K*ller Really?

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On 6/24/2021 at 8:10 PM, OldGreqq said:

So did anyone hear the news about that French guy who supposedly solved two of the Zodiac k iller's ciphers?

I heard about it.

 He pretty much solved it. But people refuse to believe him. 


After about an hour, Mr. Ziraoui said he came up with “KAYR,” which he realized resembled the last name of Lawrence Kaye, a salesman and career criminal living in South Lake Tahoe who had been a suspect in the case. Mr. Kaye, who also used the pseudonym Kane, died in 2010. 

The typo was similar to ones found in previous ciphers, he noticed, likely errors made by the k****r when encoding the message. The result that was so close to Mr. Kaye’s name and the South Lake Tahoe location were too much to be a coincidence, he thought.

Mr. Kaye had been the subject of a report by Harvey Hines, a now-deceased police detective, who was convinced he was the Zodiac k****r but was unable to convince his superiors.

Around 2 a.m. on Jan. 3, an exhausted but elated Mr. Ziraoui posted a message entitled “Z13 — My Name is KAYE” on a 50,000-member Reddit forum dedicated to the Zodiac k****r.

The message was deleted within 30 minutes.


Looking back, Mr. Ziraoui said he realized he had “arrived a bit like a bull in a china shop” by openly challenging decades-old theories about the case on the online forums.

Mr. Oranchak said the Zodiac community “forms cliques around preferred suspects,” influencing the way they evaluate code-breaking claims.

“They are usually friendly to people who are cordial when presenting their ideas but once they start acting like they are 100 percent sure they’ve cracked the codes or the case, the community becomes rather hostile,” he said.

Five months after he first posted his solutions online, Mr. Ziraoui has now disappeared from the Zodiac forums. He has stopped responding to comments, saying he did not “have the skills to play” in the charged environment of the online forums.

“My brother would tell me: ‘Bro, what you just did here is pretty much the easy part,’” Mr. Ziraoui said with a smile. “‘Actually, the most difficult thing is to convince people.’”


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