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1 hour ago, t*rminated said:

LMAO. You picked the picture where the guy can't get it up and the girl is all upset. 🤣


I got Morty. 


I mean… or she found out bad news about them being related or som*thing.

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13 minutes ago, Onision said:

Like OMG I have no idea what you mean.

I would shoot myself if I talked that way. Plus I h**e shopping, and chasing guys is not my forte. I am on my phone a lot though, but not for social media. This forum is the closest I get to social media.

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I have two favorite magnets. Mr. PB & meeseeks 🤗 i would've shown my meeseeks pen...and my cup & lanyard if they weren't ruined 😢 but it was their time. Oh I need pajamas now. 💙

It's funny because I've been feeling the meeseeks life. 

Existence yeaaah. 

Season 1 Kiss GIF by Rick and Morty




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