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Are Face Tattoos A Good Idea?

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I don't find face tattoos appealing but body tats from shoulders down is good. Also, it kinda face tats reminds me of them magazines found in waiting rooms. That people like to doodle on. Y'all know which I speak of! 😆


Now with Neck tattoos, it can be bad too but that one is all about placement..it could go either way. I have seen some really good neck tats. And some that just... nope! 



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I have tattoos as well. But they're all where I can hide them under my shirt. I wouldn't recommend the face. If you're looking to work as a lawyer or on Wall Street. I doubt they'll hire you with facial tats. Especially where I work. One guy had tattoos on his face and neck. The owner took one look at him and said nope. They won't hire you if you have tats on your face. I'd also like to add that I don't feel sorry for people who go out and do that. I've told friends who asked about getting a tiny tat on their face or on their neck that it's a really bad idea. They asked me why, I said "Don't expect to get on at a good job. They won't hire or take you seriously. There's a lot of places that won't hire you if you have tattoos all over your face. It's not a good impression."


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