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What Is The Best Emoji In The World?

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42 minutes ago, beasblunt said:

I think I would have to do with either 💫 or 🎀

💫 Looks kind of like a halo, so I think it'd be super cute to have above me at all times. 

Oh that would be so cool! I love stars in general, but that's like a star halo so it definitely would be awesome! 

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36 minutes ago, PoptartBarbie said:

🤷🏼‍♀️ the shrug  because . I don't know anything and also like. I guess I'm here so why not 

I'm sorry, I giggled at this. It's so unique. I feel like I do this often with people & it's during mid conversations like I do know what they're talking about but I shrug with a smile. One of my regular customers was a cop. And I questioned him if the animal crackers he was purchasing were crackers or  cookies. He went on about it being a cookie. I shrugged. He was cute. I asked if I could touch his gun. 😂 he was like "you can ask me about cookies and crackers any day but never ask that". Which yeah never ask. But oddly he shrugged with me and laughed. So I feel the shrug. Nice choice ❤🌟

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