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The last thing you ate?

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The last thing I ate... hmm... I know I consumed a vitamin D tablet... and I probably consumed a cranberry chew. Hmm... I also ate what was left of a tomato and grilled cheese sandwich.



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Gold 🔱🌟💛

Lol, OK that is a small part of it.

Tried a carnival dish called the Golden Kraken. Deep fried squid legs, spicy mayo, nori, Bonito flakes, Sesame seeds, & edible gold.

Best thing I've ever eaten at a fair/carnival 💯


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i had subway- only so i could drink alcohol. i am dealing with a bad case of a****a, and idk what to do. talking about "what i ate" helps a little, bc i feel pressured into it. 

anyways, all I've had so far is half hallway sandwhich. 😛

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