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Dumbest Things People Have Said


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Som*thing really dumb someone said to me involved a business a proposition...

- They were trying to get me to work with them on videos.
- I asked how successful they were.
- They replied saying som*thing like "Well I have a 48 inch LCD and an XBOX 360 (it was some time ago) so I'm pretty well off"

I didn't talk to them after that as I was too dumbfounded.

WBU? You have anyone say som*thing really dumb to you?

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8 minutes ago, pinkagaricus said:

My friend told me that coronavirus started cause they put two beetles together in a Lab and that’s how the virus started 

*shrugs* I mean... I've heard a number of things about how it started... all different.

Just now, t*rminated said:

Someone told me that George W Bush was behind the 9/11 ******s. 

I watched a whole doc*mentary on it... was really... confusing how the towers free fell like that... but did Bush do it? I really don't think so.

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I'm sure there have been people who said som*thing dumb to me, but I cannot think of anything. The only dumb things I remember are what people online have tried telling me about you. Also seeing people's opinions on the Covid vaccine and saying that masks don't work.

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