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What Do You Want But Can't Have?

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What do you want just som*thing random you want but you not really can get. 


I want to have fan art, but I'm not popular enough for that. 

I have a drawing from my self bit that was because I ask for it, but I wamt to earn. Just someone see my video or my face and thinks "yeahh I want to draw her" 

This is som*thing I made in 2015. I really need to start drawing again lol


Excited Season 4 GIF by The Office

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I just want to be great at a playing the piano and guitar. I’ve gotten pretty good with most wind instruments, drumming isn’t too bad. But guitar pshh I only get super invested when I want to learn a particular song, then forget how to play it. Piano I can only play with a single hand no matter how much I practice! I can memorize a whole song but only the main melody and it doesn’t sound the same. 

6 minutes ago, k*itlind said:

I wish I had a bunch of followers online so that my posts will always get likes and comments and I won't feel like I'm talking to myself 😝 Cute drawing btw!

I could follow you if you want to shoot a dm 😅 I like talking to myself on Twitter, before this forum it was my cryptid venting spot

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