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What is your reason for living?


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Need some positivity flowing. What is your reason for living? What makes it worth getting out of bed everyday?? What keeps you here another day???

i keep going for the hope of a better tomorrow and to witness the people around me achieve their dreams.

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I think I have a good life so far. My k ids need me. I have a girlfriend who has is attached to my hip pretty much. I've never had someone that loyal in my life.

I have some of that I've ever wanted. But it's not everything. 

The thing that I keep striving for is this: I want to live life to the fullest. I want everything that I can't have and more. That's what keeps me going.

Have I ever been suicidal before? Yes. I've wanted to take my 9mm and blow my brains out all over the floor. There's been times where I just wanted to d*e in my sleep. People have caused me to feel this way. My ex wife caused me to feel this way. My parents caused me to feel this way. Christians and their bullsh*t religion drove me into a huge depression from when I was a teenage boy and I have had anger issues coping with it. It's not bad anymore. But I still harbor ill feelings towards religious and superstitious people. Because they're judgmental. Because MOST Christians think they're better than everyone. Because some of them are immoral and are hypocrites. 

Having that religion forced on me when I was a k*d was very traumatizing to me. The message I got from my parents wasn't that their imaginary GOD and JESUS loved. It was that if I didn't follow the rules. I'd burn for all of eternity. Then I was forced to read every absurd text and scripture out of that book that made no sense at all. Trust me. I've come to the belief and understanding that everything in the BIBLE is fictional. There's no strong or real evidence supporting any of it ever existed. 

The message I took away from it all was this and the BIBLE is very open about it. That the biblical God is a psychopathic insecure homicidal monster who commits genocide, tortures innocent c hildren, and unleashes horror and suffering on mankind. Christians deny that their imaginary God is not evil when in fact he created  Lucifer, and evil being. According to the bible this imaginary GOD is all-powerful and all-knowing, created this universe and is thus responsible for everything that has ever happened.

It's all bullsh*t to me. I don't believe in any of it. But I'll never forget the mental ab**e that I was put through as a c hild of having this sh*t religion forced down my throat. 

Since becoming an Atheist and seeing religion has highly tox*c. That saved my life. If I had to continue being apart of religious bigotry. I would have opted out sooner. 


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