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Did you have a st*lker?

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Well, I've had experienced a few times being st*lked by people in RL.

Last time was a few months ago, there was a tall, skinny, long haired guy that I noticed was following me everywhere.

It was not just "one time thing" he started to appear so frequently he even started appearing near my city house .

I remember one day, I had to go to the university, I passed out multiple times at home, I decided to go out to bar in case I passed again (Sometimes I convulse so I have to take care) for calling an ambulance, but I was 💯 sure if I stayed there having a good breakfast and drinking water I'd feel better. This guy was waiting the hole entire time outside the building. I was really dizzy so I didn't notice anything at all. When I arrived at the bar (that was a few steps away from home) I asked the waitress for help, this guy asked for a coffee then before the waitress came back he ran away.

The waitress asked me if I knew where he was because he just arrives at the same time.

The same day I decided to study at home with a friend instead of going out.

We decided to go for a walk and have lunch together. The same guy appeared and he sitted closer to us.

This is the time that made me more uncomfortable because sometimes when I noticed that he was next to me at first I was thinking, awe how cute , looks a bit shy.

But know, realizing that he saw me in that pitty condition and, instead of talking to me or som*thing... I mean I feel off three times , and my hair was really messy, I looked like I needed help...

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Yeah I did once. I had a late friend who was always struggling with addiction related issues. I struggled for a long time with possibly misplaced loyalty as they really helped me navigate homelessness at the worst moment of my life and made surviving that portion of time a lot less traumatic than it could have been. 

I wrote to them during their stint in j*il because doing so really helps the incarcerated’s mental health, and flaws aside they were my friend and so their well-being was something I always worried over. 

as one of a few betrayals from this friend, they traded my address from the letters I wrote them to fellow inmates showing them a flattering portrait they drew of me (we were both artists) to attest that I was “hot”; in exchange for having money put on his books. Inmates can request transfers or have their family do it for them. I started receiving a flood of mail from various eligible bachelors. Most just very lonely people who were desperate to have anyone care about them. I passed their info along to a charity I participate in for writing to inmates.


one however. Was obsessed. He got out and found me over Facebook. By that time I’d moved but he had shown up the vacant old address with flowers. I know cause landlord called me and asked if I wanted to give a forwarding address and I said h**l no. Off and on I would get messages from him on various platforms from different accounts. And a few times he got really close to finding my new addresses. He was never malicious but his conviction that we were soulmates despite knowing nothing about me and his detective like tracking put me off for obvious reasons. 

both him and my late friend died in 2020. So naturally a lot of stuff ceased to happen. 

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I'm not sure if I would call it st*lking, but there was this guy I used to know when I lived in Lebanon, a town just north of where I live now. He was a severe epileptic and basically slightly mentally handicapped. I was nice to him and he sort of developed an infatuation with me. He didn't work and lived off of disability. He wasn't allowed to drive so I would give him a ride sometimes. He would call and text me all the time. He would have these crazy "episodes" that I seemed to be the only person to calm him down from. I got the feeling he was acting out on purpose just to get my attention kind of thing. 

Anyway, I had other people start telling me to be careful because he was going around talking about me and just kind of saying weird stuff. I started to slowly distance myself, stopped answering texts and phone calls kind of thing. Then all of a sudden someone kept making FB accounts with my same picture and my name and started trying to friend people that were already friends with me. I knew this because friends were contacting me on my real account and asking if this other account was really me. This was before I officially left social media. I reported the fake account, it was removed, but it kept happening over and over again. I probably had over 10 fake accounts removed. Then an acquaintance of both of ours tipped me off that it was this guy doing it. 🙄 I don't know why, it didn't really make any sense to me. But I still unfriended and blocked him so he would have a hard time copying my pictures and wouldn't be able to see my friends on FB anymore. I told him off and told him he needed to leave me alone because he was creeping me out. He tried to get all mental thr***ening suicide and stuff, but I wasn't having any of it. Told him if he was really suicidal that I felt the need to report him to the authorities as a potential harm to himself. He backed off after that. He moved away to a different town shortly after.

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