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What Is The WORST Customer Service Experience You Have Had?

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Sometimes you have great experiences with them, and other times they disappoint to a degree that leaves you utterly speechless. 
Perhaps you have worked in customer service? 
Some customers are allegedly horrible, while others are adequate. Perhaps you are a horrible customer, do you think so? 

When did you last talk with customer service?
What is your best experience with it? 
And the worst? 
Have you worked in customer service? 
If so, what is your worst experience and what is your best? 

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Working in customer service you've probably learned to apologize for things that aren't your fault. 

After working in customer service you may notice that you find yourself in stores putting things where they belong, treating people who work there nicer than ever, and giving them a boost of words for their day. 

I worked in a bakery, as a cashier, and I worked for office (required me to be all over the place in the store).

I was also a waitress so I clean up my mess before I leave (and others around me too). I leave a higher than average tip as well. 

You can tell who hasn't worked customer service, and yes I get it holidays are bad. But it doesn't help to be that customer yelling 4 people ahead or away about "I ordered my food 10 mins ago" "where's the manager" "Why are the lines so long" like, I don't know dude, check the date, the time, and the people around you with 200 items.

"I could do a better job" Then sign up, sir. I'm sure you'd love to go check on specific brands of toilet paper, along with getting someone the correct amount of "perfect" peaches, while the area smells like vinegar from a bottle that spilled 15 mins ago, take their items out to their car, all at the same time, while others are waiting, and you still have deadline paper work to send out, and explain to another angry customer that you're not a bank and can't cash their check that's over a thousand dollars at the moment. 😀 & if you're very lucky it's 9.75 an hour or 2.15 (depending), with a high chance of a turn over shift. 

Customer service is mood draining. But you still have to walk in with that happy smile, with songs on repeat.

Yes I've had bad customer service before, but I don't throw a huge temper tantrum. If I feel like som*thing needs to be corrected, I just kindly tell them. & hint... doing the temper tantrum thing in food service as a customer, kudos on bravery 🤣 the cooks have more power than you'd think.

jacques torres eating GIF by NailedIt

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I had a waiter once that wasn't very good. They didn't even try to act friendly and you could tell they hated their job. A few weeks ago I went out to eat with my mom, sister, and grandmother and it took 30 minutes after sitting down for a waiter to come to our table. The owner took our order instead. I don't really blame them though because a lot of restaurants are struggling with not having enough staff during these times.

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Too many stories to pick one orz 

I always wind up back at customer service jobs

ive had people not know you could swipe on the phone screen to change it. 
people who exclusively refer to the internet as “my email” 

someone who tried to cash a check at several banks because “it didn’t work the first time” 

people who don’t know how to spell their own name and get mad when you ask about it

and just now the guy who is upset the mobile coupon labeled “mobile coupon for phone use only” won’t be coming to him through mail printed on paper 

ect ect ect

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