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Dream House Ideas (Interior/Exterior)

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My grandparents had a really nice house that burned to the ground in 2015. I was saddened to see it go. You could say it was my dream home. 

I spent my teenage years living there. It had an indoor pool 4 bathrooms. It was out in the country. It was private. 

Apparently my grandpa was watching Texas Ranger when the place caught fire. He barely got out alive. My grandparents were upset about it. 

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I’d love to  live in the woods in a nice cute little house, just the right distance away from people but still close enough to get to like the grocery store lmao. Preferably near some water. Nothing fancy, but if it has slanted ceilings in some of the rooms that’d be nice

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My dream home is very specific. A log cabin in the mountains. Small and simple with one story so when I'm old it won't be a problem getting around or difficult to care for. Metal roof. Large wrap around porch for relaxing outside and enjoying the view. Must have a garage or barn. It'd be nice to have a little land (but not a must have) so I could do a garden, maybe have some animals like chickens or a horse. Must have a wood burning stove instead of a fireplace. Remote, but not so remote you have to have 4WD to get to it, or are too far from a grocery store.


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