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Fruit Is Good For You?

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I don't eat a lot of a fruit. I'm allergic to bananas. I don't like apples much. Oranges are okay. G r a p e s  are fine. I'm weird. I prefer vegetables. 

Anyone want to try Puke Fruit? 


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On 6/21/2021 at 2:14 PM, cool.dus.niet said:

whats your favorite? Do you eat a lot of them or don’t? What would you like to try one day?

Peaches , watermelon: I'd never say no

For ****ing dessert: bananas, strawberries, framboise, apple

There are certain fruits I like more depending on the season, now I have som*thing with peaches.

Last year at this time I was very into melon/watermelon but freeze with cinnamon milk.


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3 hours ago, PoptartBarbie said:

What's cinnamon milk? If it's non dairy I would love to try. I mean I sometimes am okay with regular milk but non dairy is better imo 

It is a mix I do with cold milk, stevia and Cinnamon (an artesanal one that you buy and you choose the weight).

First you add a tablespoon of cinnamon, then you add a third cup of milk, then you blend it then you add stevia.

You start adding milk and blending it .

I promise you it is a different level. I highly recommend using creamy milks more than watery ones. The texture , it's really important having a nice texture.

For example coconut milk mix really well.

Then you can have fruit with it.

Also if you are interested, you can do homemade ice cream just by using freeze juicy fruit (watermelon) and adding this mixture just a tiny bit of milk.

Or you can use it for doing home made frappes. Adding it to your fav coffee. 

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I LOVE cantaloupe! I can eat a whole one all by myself in one sitting. I will also be that person that picks all the cantaloupe out in a fruit ****tail.

I also love tomatoes 🍅,  which has been classified as both a fruit and a vegetable (Google it, lol). I will buy tomatoes and slice them up for a snack, or get the cherry tomatoes and eat them as a snack all by themselves. 

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