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Unban LeafyisHere From Social Media

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Its so lame that leafy has been banned from most social media and youtube, especially since its so hypocritical. they say its because he made too many videos on pokimane, yet there are entire tea channels dedicated on making vids on ppl like onision and gabbie hanna. whatever ur opinion is on these ppl, u must admit how hypocritical it is. why are some ppl okay to h***ss online and others are protected? sigh, i just hope he comes back, hbu?

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8 minutes ago, Danny said:

Who's leafy is here?

He was a yotuber who used often "surf" counter striks Videos to talk about certain topics, youtube Drama and his views. But again people got butthurt thougt criticism is h**e and canceled him often with the help of false claims etc 

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