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Important Neopets Announcement

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4 minutes ago, Onision said:

Apparently a few of you guys are into neopets - just use the search function on this forum and you'll see what I mean.

the lord of the rings responsibility GIF

o snap thanks for the heads up. what a thrill. time to grave dig some threads 

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53 minutes ago, PoptartBarbie said:

I just used to play when I was like 12. And started a couple months ago for nostalgia as stated above. But also because they're redoing the site , and it's neat . 

Right?! I’m glad it’s still alive. Nostalgia always brings me back. I even spent a good month or so on the site when lockdown started last year and losing my job from at the time. And my husband joined a few days ago to play with me 😁😁

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