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Are you gay? Straight? Something else?

What is your preference?  

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Are you gay? Straight? Or something else?

I'm pretty sure I'm Pan... I just... don't want to be specific as I feel like attraction to men or women is more complicated than a black and white approach.

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6 hours ago, MelVee said:

I like how you put those together....that is more complicated....especially when you can't tell at all these days. 

Yeah... I kinda thought people were silly when they said "I don't believe in labels" but jeeze... it's kinda real. 

Side note, how do you spell jeez? Oh wait is that it?

1 hour ago, mcfly said:

pan s e x u a l/ d e m i s e xu a l 


personality and how they use their brain, that's what I'm attracted to. Looks fade but who a person is, is forever.

Yo that is brilliant. You got the right mindset.

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True looks do fade....but I don't think for a minute a person is forever. Every day I change, my perception is either Enlighted - or skewed by whatever new information is out there.  

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Well, it is kind of bizarre, because I know what genetalia I am ***ually attracted too, but I`ve realized I feel way too comfortable with women in lots of aspects. And for romance, friendship that starts leveling up etc... but ***ually talking I guess I can say  I am attracted to male genetalia.

But I am not attracted to  cliché  straigth men, it feels weird. I like people that are interesting and comfortable with their ***uallity . People that do not play games in general, and they tell you things straigth foward.

 I like a lot crossdressers because I do not feel like labelling anything at all. UMM I think that is what I am more into.

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I'm straight. I found that I was attracted to girls when I was as young as 6. Then when I turned 12 I really got into girls. I could barely control my hormones towards them. There were several girls in middle school that I was crazy about. Then when I was in high school it was bad. There was this one girl I really wanted. Every time I looked over at her. I'd get hard. 

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I’m straight but I also can fall for anyone, it just hasn’t happened yet. I don’t judge romance on gender or how someone is perceived. It’s about how they make feel and I could be attracted to anyone (physically) it’d depend on their personality too though and chemistry bc I’m very submissive and like dom people usually. I think that matters more to me than what your pronouns are- it’s are you dominant ? 😂😘 

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