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What Charities Have You Donated/Supported?

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I've donated to various charities that I don't remember the names of. The reason being is that in the military once a year we were given a whole book of charities to choose from. You can do a one time donation or a certain amount per paycheck. This book would tell you what the charity was about and it would give you the percentage of funds donated that actually went to the cause. Reason being that there are a lot of charities that have a lot of overhead cost or flat out misuse the money donated and only a small portion of monies donated actually go to the cause. I always chose one at random that had the highest percentage that went to the cause, so I don't remember the names of them, lol.

I have donated to Wheeler Mission, which helps out the homeless, poor, needy, etc here where I live. They also have recovery programs for addicts/alcoholics that can't afford help. I have also volunteered for Meals on Wheels. I volunteered at Father Joe's Village when I lived in San Diego, and Horizon House here where I live (they're both homeless shelters).

I also donate to Celebrate Recovery which is the recovery program that I myself am a member? attendee?, not sure what the correct term is, but it's a program that has helped me with my own sobriety and anxiety/depression issues. It's an all encompassing recovery program for addicts (of all kinds including food, gambling, ****, etc), alcoholics, people suffering from anxiety, depression, codependency, or struggling with grief, you name it. Our mantra is anyone with hurts, habits, and hang-ups. 🙂

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