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What Are The Pros & Cons of Social Media Use?

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I was thinking about social media. Alot of people use it, but not everyone and they have there reason. soo tell us about why you use or not use it. 

What kind of social media platforms do you use?

Why do/don't you use them?

Do you ever think about issues with for example privacy and surveillance
when using social media or the internet in general? 


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13 minutes ago, cool.dus.niet said:

Why don't you use them?

I used to have Facebook. But my mom and brother didn't like most of my posts. They get easily offended over stupid sh*t. Because of lack of anonymity and freedom of expression. My family on Facebook became more invasive and I didn't like that. My ex wife ended up blocking all of them. My new girlfriend has had to block them all on her Instagram because they were already complaining about her username. I strongly think my mother and grandmother should stay off of Social Media seeing as they ran me off of it. 

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