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Have you ever met a celebrity randomly? If so...Who?

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I have never met a celebrity. My brother has because he goes to Comic Cons in different states. He and his wife have pictures of them with Jason Momoa. He has a picture of himself and William Shatner. He's asked me if I wanted to go. But I told him. If it aint Arnold Schwarzenegger or Keanu Reeves. I don't give a f*ck. 

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Nick Nolte bummed a smoke off me at a tavern in the woods. And i met John Kerry at a Jamaican club in the Big Easy. I met Shaq working at a bounce party he hosted. Met Anders Osbourne working a festival. Met Boyfriend serving her birthday dinner at an Air B&B called Wonderland. Photographed DJ Soul Sister for her Insta. Ran drinks for the Grateful d**d during one of their shows.  

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Met that dark haired lady from Riverdale, Magic Johnson, Spotted the tall dude from whose line is it anyway at LAX as well as Charlie Sheen’s dad and bro… also the sister of Eddie Guraro…

Mostly airport stuff.

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I've only ever really met one famous person and I didn't even really meet him, he just autographed his book for me at one of his concerts. It was Justin Furstenfeld from the band Blue October and his book is called "Crazy Making."

I have seen a couple celebrities from a distance. I went to LA in highschool and did some drive around tour and I saw OJ Simpson outside his house standing at the end of his driveway by his gate. This was after the big trial and obviously before he went to j**l for stealing.

On that same trip LA trip, I saw Matt Damon at McDonald's at LAX. He seemed cool because he walked up to the counter and hugged some lady that was working there.

Bradley Cooper came and visited my ship and spoke when I was in the military. I could've met him and gotten an autograph if I wanted to wait a few hours in line. I didn't (and still don't) care enough to want to meet a celebrity.

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