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Mental Health Break


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Every. Single. Day. 

Also , depending on what you actually mean by mental health break, pretty sure I know what you’re saying so that’s why I answered that way.

It is important to have alone time, just not when that alone time is more than sociable times. Alone time gives that person the ability to BE by themselves and actually delve inside their own thoughts without outside influence. Maybe that’s just me.

I deal with a lot of fake people in my actual life *not family*, *not immediate family anyway* ; *to clarify for myself has nothing to do with that anyway* always feel like my reputation is ruined (not true) even though I constantly am boasting about how I own my town anyway. Like I said most of the people that meant a lot to me died over the years. 

I don’t have trust. Tell you that much. Never will I trust anyone ever again. 

This brick wall is built sky high I constantly say out loud to myself that I doubt it’ll ever be broken down, not even relationships just overall I guess.

Sounds sad I know, not berry sad to me though. 

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3 hours ago, t*rminated said:

Before me and my ex wife got a divorce. She and her sister drove me to having a severe melt down and I had to go into the stress unit. 

I feel like there should be a movie about your marriage. I would watch.

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