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Ever smashed anything out of anger?

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Only one time. I was doing som*thing on my laptop, got royally pissed off at som*thing, chucked the laptop down and ended up smashing the bloody screen. So my own anger punished myself lol. Thats the only time I recall. Mostly if I'm annoyed I just get introverted and need space. 

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I can’t remember having smashed anything myself.

I do however enjoy watching stage destruction.

Also, a family member of mine used to have fake meltdowns wherein he would smash his most precious belongings and throw himself off banisters. I loved it, physical comedy is the best.

Do you think this form of acting is cathartic?

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My walls in my room only my room have scratches and holes in them that’s why there is tapestries everywhere. That is only during my unstable moments. No, don’t utilize my anger in that sense anymore I am easy going just not in an average way. I accept it, not many people can...I try to understand that. 

My door was recently fixed from years of won’t go into detail let’s just say I kind of miss the fact that I could just push the door in with no knob. Glad it’s fixed tho. 

Sometimes a cig doesn’t cut it. That’s why I break my cigs and put them in a gravity. 

Did break my ex husbands tattoo machine when we were together *long story* ... trust me he deserved it took a bat went outside and literally destroyed it. Don’t worry I bought him a new one just as good eventually later on. I realize that this story is exposing a side of me that I am not really like anymore so I don’t feel ashamed to let y’all know. 

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