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Found 2 results

  1. For anyone asking Onision to enable comments on TikTok... why? Why not just enable them here exclusively so I can actually keep up with them rather than having it all over the place like... Twitter, YouTube & TikTok... also, why would I want an opinion that was just farted out through an app that I have no investment in? (^_^) F' it.
  2. I decided to leave YouTube in the sense that I'm no longer engaging in the comment section or really paying much attention to the community itself. I kinda just want to go off and do my own thing without worrying about what some random person who clicked on my video thinks... I really only want to talk to people who take the time to be part of this site - and this site is adults only so that makes it even better. Grown-up talk is the only talk worth having. Anyway, fun video to record... I hope to make many more coooolll ones. I'm kinda motivated because a smaller group that genuinely likes my videos is what I wanted from the beginning.
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