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Found 5 results

  1. Everyone has one about literally anything, right? Keep in mind, this is just opinions. Serious, supported by facts, funny, whatever your opinion is on whatever. Just be cool with each other if you have a different opinion, and enjoy. I'll start. In my opinion, the best sensation a body can have is just to sneeze. Now, I know what many of you think, "Yeah well what about that one sweet sensation of release though". Yeah, sure but that's just my opinion. Ah, endorphins.
  2. This is a bit of a rant, but for those who want to listen, are painfully bored, or are strictly here for educational purposes, welcome.. This is a commonly discussed topic I guess, but it is one of those topics that consumes my mind... Once again, only due to the mass affect it has on others and what it did to me, someone who usually is not easily manipulated. Now, if you are apart of an MLM, or this is how you make your income - this is absolutely no shame to you. This is about my personal opinion, my personal experience with MLMs, people who have communicated with me in them, and my most recent experience with a 'hun'. On Tuesday, I randomly received a message from a man whom I have never met, is not from my state, we had no mutual friends, and I truly had no idea how he could possibly come across me on Facebook at all. He acted kind to me at first, and then randomly asked me what I do for a job, and if I would like to make extra income. Now, these are easy 'buzzwords' for those who don't know - when an MLMer is about to try and prospect you. I know this - because well, I have used them on many. Especially when cold-messaging. I of course looked on his profile and saw he was apart of the scammy 'PHP Agency'. I gave him a lengthy message, because when do I not? My response: I am an Operations Controller. I want to let you know upfront, I highly do not support MLMs, being that I was in one for 2 years and know all about them. I actually do know a lot about the company you're about to pitch me, 'PHP Agency', and I know it's an outright pyramid scheme. This company targets young and impressionable people to recruit them and make money off of them to benefit the few at the top. Now, I do not know your rank, but you also found me out of nowhere. They will recruit anyone and everyone and use "selling insurance" as the cover for this scam. LinkedIn is a common method of contacting their v****ms, this time you found me on Facebook. I know what it's like it be told "you have to invest in any business to own a business". You do not own this business. You are not the CEO, you are not the founder, you are an 1099 Employee while the "company" you're under sees you as a dollar sign, which you also do me. Hey, my name is Dollar Sign, what's yours? Don't tell me about opportunities, making me pay $200 to start, how my life will change, time freedom, not your typical 9-5, oh and do you know the statistics by the FTC of who actually makes a profit in an MLM? Less than 1%. Don't b'ulls'hit a former b'ullshi'tter. Don't want to embarrass myself and ruin my career. Wrong person to message. Apparently, that response got him heated. He asked me what a pyramid scheme was, you know another common tactic for getting mad that you aren't able to recruit someone, or the plain old fact that someone is blatantly calling you a fraud, can't pick which one. Starts going off on me saying I probably don't know what a 401k is. Asking me different questions regarding Life Insurance, specific terms, etc. And then starts to insult me and says I don't even know what a real job is because I probably have never had one. It's funny, because in my original response I told him my actual position in the job I work for. It is actually the first thing I state and you can easily google it. I am at an executive position. So this string of questioning, was downright laughable, considering I know very well how a business works. IT'S MY JOB. He then went off on me, telling me to do my research, so on and so forth.... After I stopped responding. So he is now talking to an empty space in Facebook Messenger before I can effectively block him. The entire day after this exchange, I started thinking about my prior experience, and it wouldn't leave my mind. I was in MONAT for over two years, did not succeed, and I'm not ashamed - most don't. I was swindled by one of my BEST FRIENDS (whom we are no longer friends anymore, we lost each other to an MLM), and I was instantly put into WhatsApp group messages, Facebook groups, had mandatory Zoom meetings and calls claiming we all weren't working hard enough, and my upline's (my former friend) UPLINE sent me an extremely nasty voice note that ended my time in MONAT. She berated me, said I should be working 24/7 around the clock, that's how 'real' entrepreneurs do it, and gave me some severely 'tough love' (as she calls it) in order to 'motivate me'. My friend who got me into this saw no issue with this and defended her upline. Btw, I make more than this girl who berated me in this voice message (at my REAL job), but THAT IS NEITHER HERE NOR THERE. I left the company. Herbalife, IM Academy, PHP Agency.... OPTAVIA ~ In my opinion, please do not even consider... These are tox*c companies and don't get me started on the unhealthy weight loss practices; they are making me downright sick. Especially seeing them all over my timeline. Optavia likes to promote this "gentle fat burn state" to lose weight by diet alone. However, I can't find anything on "fat burn state" unless it is ketosis. I found an article from an actual registered dietitian and she mentioned a percentage of their diet doesn't equal a true ketosis so they are essentially losing weight by STARVATION. Fantastic way to end up with seriously di*ord*red thinking about food or make those worse. Also, if they're a "health coach" and can't even tell you the name of the company or the diet you're overpaying for just to starve yourself. It is truly paying $400+ a month for an eating di*ord*r. And well, pushing a diet on anybody is downright insulting and disgusting if you ask me. I speak of Optavia because after my mother passed away, a few of her friends decided to join. They had a lot to lose (they were clinically obese, so when the instant results started coming in, of course they were instantly able to recruit more and more others). Attempted with me, and if you knew me - I am pretty damn tiny. (THIS DIET IS A 800-1000 KCAL A DAT STARVATION DIET FULL OF PROCESSED CRAP THAT COSTS AROUND $400 A MONTH) *Once again, these are all my opinions at the end of the day with a mix of facts. If you disagree with me, I welcome it completely. Have you, or someone you know ever been influenced or had any bad experiences regarding an MLM? Have you had any GOOD experiences regarding an MLM? So curious because this is by far one of my favorite topics.
  3. *Trigger Warning* Since this is about a (unfortunate) case, I thought I would definitely throw a trigger warning up there. "Gypsy Rose Blanchard grew up with her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard, making claims about her health that resulted in a series of dire diagnoses and medical interventions. However, Gypsy wasn't actually unwell — her mother had been lying about her symptoms. Experts believe Dee Dee's behavior stemmed from the mental di*ord*r Munchausen syndrome by proxy; because Dee Dee wanted to be a caretaker, she feigned and induced illness in her daughter. The truth about Gypsy and her mother only came out after Gypsy arranged for an online boyfriend to m**der Dee Dee in 2015." For those of you who know of this case, or have seen the numerous documentaries on it, or have even seen the show based on it - The Act - what are your thoughts? Do you believe Gypsy Rose should be free? I, personally, do. Fortunately enough, she will be eligible for parole in 2024. I am simply fascinated in this case and wanted to know if anyone else has any opinions or thoughts on it. Do you think that Gypsy should've been as punished for the crime she conspired to take place?
  4. Yes I am suffering from another one. If you've had at least 1 in your life you are at risk for more. It's common for one side of my family to get them. So, let's name my little demon. I'll name the winner after I pass this beast.
  5. My unpopular opinion is that I don't need to birth a *****, to love ***s. I'm perfectly fine with being an aunt, or being friendly to my friends *****ren. I feel like this among getting married is still being pushed or considered a "normal" life. Anyway, what is yours?
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