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  1. View this quiz Does Onision Hate You? (100% = He Hates You) Let's find out if Onision hates you... the results of this test will give you a percentage... if you are in fact totally hateable, cool! Maybe not chill here. Lol. Submitter Onision Type One Right Answer Time 10 minutes Total Questions 13 Category Onision Quizzes Submitted 09/05/2021  
  2. Initial release date: June 15, 2018 Designer: Marcus Bromander Mode: Multiplayer video game Publisher: InnerSloth LLC Developers: InnerSloth LLC, PlayEveryWare Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, MORE Awards: k***s’ Choice Award for Favorite Videogame
  3. How are you feeling today? Come back every day if you like and let everyone know how you're feeling... maybe this could be helpful to all of us... you know, they say you should talk about your feelings. Sort them out. Today I'm feeling... a little annoyed... and disappointed by how unjustified some behavior can be... but I can't change it, only make the best of it... so I'm working on that. I'm also feeling hopeful... how are you feeling? How does this image make you feel? Makes me feel... like not everything is so bad...
  4. Hello everyone and onision I am new to the site and I want to know some more information as what this site has to offer but also my main goal is to get in contact with onision so if anyone sees this and knows our talks to him, please let he know that I am interested in a discussion but if you are browsing this onision, please message Me or reply!
    • One Right Answer
    • 10 minutes
    • 13 Questions
    • 55 Players
    Let's find out if Onision hates you... the results of this test will give you a percentage... if you are in fact totally hateable, cool! Maybe not chill here. Lol.
  5. What does a banned from TikTok Onision compilation look like? This. Yep. Some of these videos got removed from TikTok for... god knows what. TikTok is broken. Lol.
  6. How do you know if you're in love? What even is love? Is it different than lust? Hopefully this clears things up.
  7. Take a guess who this celebrity is... Got any other examples of celebrities who look nothing like before?
  8. I'm sure we can ALL agree or most of us that onision is very att**ctive and definitely a full on daddy! Has anyone bought his only fans or considered it? Honestly I'm thinking of buying it...is it worth getting it?
  9. What forum skin are you using? I updated almost all of them recently to higher-resolution versions of what they were... hope you like the changes (^_^) - I'm using Orange Space for now.
  10. It was interesting to see people do exactly as I expected them to...
  11. View this quiz Basic Onision Facts Quiz! This is a quiz to find out if you know basic facts about Onision! Warning! You can only take this quiz once! And... people will probably see how well you did so, yeet! Submitter Onision Type One Right Answer Time 5 minutes Total Questions 11 Category Onision Quizzes Submitted 07/20/2021  
  12. This is gonna be funny! 🤣 If you guys were to make an Onision doc*mentary, what would you name it?
  13. There have been quite a few people who have come and gone... which one are you? I know... incredibly exciting quiz idea. What were your results? I gotta take this myself and find out who I am... lol.
  14. What results did you get? Which Onision character are you? I hope you liked your results!
  15. One of the answers in this quiz is just hilarious because there really are no words for the result... haha.
  16. It's like a quiz dude 🙂 Cool huh? Might make more.
  17. Onision

    Onision Quiz

    How well do you know Onision? Fact is, a lot of people simply do not know Onision at all... there are 370 possible points... one of the answers is -1000 points so watch out! How did you do? Good?
  18. These are your dangerous list of options. Choose wisely I’m gonna go with Charlie
  19. Version 1.0.0


    Onision · Onision Intro I never knew I could find a guy as great as Onision Until I met anyone other than Onision Then I realized that Onision was kinda insane Yeah there's something not right with this guy Everyone around me, warned me not to watch Onision They said he'd brainwash me into loving Onision But all those people mysteriously disappeared now I don't remember what they said Onision's videos are the best in the world if every other entertainer was **** It's Onision, not OH-NEE-SHUN not ON SEE ON or o****n-SAN His name is James not greg or greggles stop calling him gurg, gorg or freaking gaggles. Onision not OM-NEE-SHUN not o-ni-SON not CREEP or *****ER Whatever you heard bad is always just a rumor. He's Onision, your neighborhood Onision, He's you're best friend if he's the only friend you got, If you had more friends they would be much better, But Onision is always the best.... If there's no competition. If there's no competition.
  20. Onision

    Onision Forums Meme

    Featuring Drake with L from Death Note, oh yeah baby.
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