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  1. over the span of many months in 2020, several posts claiming onision is a vampire have been posted to the paranormal forums on 4chan. the users of the site are convinced its onision himself because these are always praising him and speaking very much like onision himself. whats going on with this? lol
  2. Hello, I am Onision aka James. I am here because I tried a bunch of different software options for internet forums and came to the conclusion that none competes with this so, we're back... back to the best ~ Hope you love what I did. My favorite band... is... NIN. How about you?
  3. I made a video about joining Discord because TikTok is like a crazy place an I guess it's more fun than YouTube... hahaha.
  4. I may begin to start uploading all my content to one channel: Onision A long time ago I created content on the single channel... both serious and non serious videos, basically everything. I'm thinking I'd like to covert everything to focus on that because it's simply easier for everyone and it really is my... name after all. "Onision" So the next live stream will probably be there. The Onision fans vs Onision Haters thing is probably going to be the last live stream on OnisionSpeaks, then we'll move to Onision from there ~ Pretty much all NEW Onision videos will be released on the one channel, all the old stuff will probably be released on other channels. Here we gooo!
  5. So I updated the forum layout... a lot... if you look on your phone, the layout might not seem that different... but on DESKTOP? OMG, it's massive. Make sure you check out all the template versions and let me know what you think. To change the color scheme/background image please check this image out: Which is your favorite? Are you happy with the change? Got a theme you REALLY want? Like... something cartoonish? Maybe a little RICK AND MORTY?
  6. How many hours does onision sleep? And does he get up early? He does 130 different things each day, so i would assume that he has a very strict schedule.
  7. Onision is a comedian, a musician, a OnlyFans model and more... talk about a guy with identity issues! Mua ha ha!
  8. I've been following Eugenia Cooney's content for a very long time. Brace yourselves, this review is going to be incredibly honest, that means no sugar-coating anything nor will there be an attempt to cause a spectacle. Just the truth. Eugenia Cooney is well-known to be an incredibly pleasant person, someone you could have a conversation with, and walk away feeling pretty good about it. Eugenia's videos are centered on outfits, video game playing and pop culture. There is a massive cloud hovering over Eugenia Cooney and her channel, and at this point it is a relatively undeniable force. Many people have come forward stating that Eugenia Cooney caused them, as a young person, to avoid eating food, sometimes to the extent where they will wind up in the hospital. Some people who came forward were aunts, some were sisters and most of the rest were people who had actually been hospitalized themselves. Individuals have claimed that Eugenia Cooney inspired people they knew to push it so far that they no longer could survive. Here's the reality check however, some people are not honest, not every person who says something about Eugenia Cooney is necessarily telling the truth, however in an OnisionSpeaks stream that occurred May 2021, random people were polled live in front of the OnisionSpeaks audience, and half of them had admitted they themselves were impacted in a way that put their own lives at stake, if not at the very least their health and way of life. What it comes down to, is a question: If Eugenia Cooney has hundreds of thousands of people expressing that there is an issue, and hundreds if not thousands of people coming forward and stating that they were put in the hospital because of Eugenia Cooney's videos, who are we to condone it? Why do we allow the behavior expressed in those videos to continue? Eugenia is a person who is going through incredible hardship with her condition, however you have to ask yourself, should that condition not only cause her to struggle, but her countless fans as well? People like to reference the younger group of her fans, yet the reality is, adults can experience issues related to eating as well. This is not just an age-group matter, it is the entire community surrounding the videos that so many people have admitted caused them to directly create disruption in their own health/well-being. You might ask yourself: "And for what?" The videos Eugenia makes, try on haul videos? Those are made by numerous YouTubers. Gaming videos? Even more YouTubers make those as well. So what unique gift is Eugenia bringing to the YouTube community outside widespread cause for alarm in the numerous people pleading for her to get help while others wind up in hospital beds? A YouTuber who went through something Eugenia continues to go through passed on. I mean this quite literally. A YouTuber who looked like they were in better condition health-wise, had the same condition as Eugenia, and they are no longer with the living. The condition claimed them, which makes this matter so incredibly real. Things got so bad at one point that Eugenia Cooney was confronted by Jaclyn Glenn and professionals took Eugenia away. Eugenia is the same as if not in worse shape than when she was originally detained. When Jaclyn confronted Eugenia, she had to make a recovery, but like many who go through what she has, she went right back to her old ways. She continued making videos causing more hospitalizations of her audience members, and no one in an official position seems to be batting an eye at it. All we at Onision.net can really say at this point is... we wish for the best. So many of us, especially Jaclyn Glenn, did what we could to get Eugenia Cooney help, we tried to educate her audience, but now, Eugenia remains the most health-disrupting channels on all of YouTube. No, OJ Simpson Tweeting is not going to impact anyone really, Kevin Spacey making movies again isn't really a cause for any alarm to pretty much anyone, those are just examples of media hype and disproportion in reaction. What's real, is the under-reaction people in positions of power have had to Eugenia Cooney. It's like focusing on how many people got bitten by a shark last year, and ignoring how many people passed on because of heart disease. The numbers are staggering, yet we only pay attention to the sharks, because while the shark incidents in the ocean are few, they're much more interesting than the slow process Eugenia fans and Eugenia Cooney herself are enduring as a result of numerous factors in their minds and in front of their eyes. To everyone reading, be well, take care of yourselves and each other and remember, it's not how you look, it's how you feel and what the doctor recommends - that is what matters. Anyone worth anything will not judge you for how you look, in fact, they'll love you more for who you are than what the scale says if they are truly meant for you.
  9. The official Twitter of Onision. This site is now used for... well, not really much these days as yours untruly has a little problem with going on long rants that ultimately wind up with a feeling that lacks a sensation of accomplishment... lol. Whatever, do you enjoy it at least?
  10. So some people might be beefed because they can't chat on this Onision Discord server for free: https://discord.gg/JEapk7nCj9 But! I started a "open-discussion" section on Onision.net specifically for people who want to have SOME kind of communication with the rest of the server without having to pay a dime. While ELITE and IMMORTALS are superior, you can still have a voice, and that's cool. So if you sign up through: https://www.onision.net/register - and connect your Discord to this site through the settings on your account here, you should be able to start chatting away ~ Finally Sound good?
  11. Onision

    Onision's Dog Dobbs

    From the album: Animals

  12. From the album: Animals

  13. From the album: Animals

  14. From the album: Animals

  15. Onision

    Dobbs In A Cute Hat

    From the album: Animals

  16. From the album: Animals

  17. The user @Onozeon requested I add this song BACK to the internet, so here it is, ready and able to be watched! For ELITES and IMMORTALS, this song should also be available to download in just a moment in the downloads section... Download here: onision.net/files/file/2-vocoder-song-auto-tune/
  18. So I added yet another update to this site - now I can post videos here directly *kind of* and you can comment under the videos "yay" without ever having to worry about trolls ever again??? I donno. But it's pretty cool because we brought back the FIVE STARS RATING that YouTube used to have... awesome right? OMG awesome. Anyway, please lemme know if the comment function works for you, take a look at this page please:
  19. So! I swapped out pretty much the entire collor scheme... if you like the OLD color scheme, you can get it back by going to the very bottom of the page and selecting the "Onision" layout. This one, if everything is white, orange, gray and blue - is the "Onision Light" theme... which actually looks a lot like the layout I had back in 2010... haha... Anyway! I chose my favorite layout and this is it... what do you prefer? What layout are you using? Update: I made the default theme the darker option again, but the new version is available still Figured I personally like the darker better... huh This is what the layout from 2013 looked like:
  20. So, I did some research on stomach disease and discovered smoking and drinking can be the cause of it... word to the wise, do not do that, do not drink, do not smoke. With that out of the way, (also eat your fruits and veggies and do not be fat, fatty) ha-ha... ugh. With that out of the way I want to talk about some stuff... you know those rant videos I do? The "hey look at me I'm a YouTuber blah blah" videos? Well... I can accomplish much of the same thing I do in those videos, only typing is kind of easier. I mean it is easier in the sense that there is no real video editing, and word editing is normally accomplished automatically through Microsoft Word (which I get for dirt cheap because yay, perks) ... (wait did that sound condescending? I mean I am cheap... ugh never mind) Anyway, I was thinking about life today, and normally I would plop down in front of a camera and rant about whatever is on my mind but in such a huge way I am kinda sick of it? Like I don't really like ranting or "Getting real" anymore... I don't like those long talks about reality because I don't think my mind can take being the center of attention anymore as if my face, my voice and everything that comes with who I am is something to stare at and engage in deep thought... When you have a deep conversation with someone, it should be one on one... when you have a deep conversation with an audience... it feels too personal. A lot of people for some time viewed me as a "cult leader" because when I was 17 I started a site where I said we should all worship and protect the Earth and I came up with some pre-Harry Potter Dementor concepts (more or less) that seemed rather supernatural... ha yeah, so people saw that as a cult and then when I started talking about deep concepts like what my beliefs were, empowerment etc., again, came off as a "leader" or what my personality profile calls a "protagonist" ~ Point is, I don't want to lead people because (1) I can't stand most people and (2) that's no fun at all. But I actually got to go because I need to spend time with someone I love... and my shower for the day is almost here. I was going to make this blog a little deeper but that's ok... we'll leave it here for now. The point is, I just wanted to talk about why I think I might shift to blog format for serious conversations... and I wanted to go in more depth but duty calls. I hope you enjoyed this talk, I hope you enjoy my future posts. I have a face, and most people only see that face... but my mind is something entirely different and I want to exist on that level. I have often dreamed of being a man behind a mask... COVID kinda helped me there. I do not like being known, recognized etc. and that makes my life rather ironic. If I am on camera, I want it to be shallow and mean nothing. I want it to be fun and stupid... But here on this blog? We should be real. Here is a random nice photo. Your place of peace.
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