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Found 6 results

  1. I did a new thing... here it is: Onision · Cancel Culture Song (Onision Is Dead)
  2. Onision · Pretend Your Morals Are The Best I made this song about someone who condemned others when they themselves were worse than the people they trashed... common human behavior.
  3. I made this song a while ago... only now posting it to SoundCloud, hope you like Onision · The Lady Of My Life I might make more like this... guess we'll see.
  4. Onision · In My Butt This is easily the dumbest Onision song ever... thoughts? Feelings? Complaints? How long would this last on TikTok? What DO YOU think is the dumbest song ever? Better example?
  5. A song by Onision... I mean duh... um... it's like an ad for this site because why not?
  6. The user @Onozeon requested I add this song BACK to the internet, so here it is, ready and able to be watched! For ELITES and IMMORTALS, this song should also be available to download in just a moment in the downloads section... Download here: onision.net/files/file/2-vocoder-song-auto-tune/
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