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Found 5 results

  1. If you were… which one? I’ve run forums off and on for 20 years… gaming forums and ones like this, casual chat.
  2. I'm just curious. I really like it, everyone have respect for each other. Everyone is nice, we didn't had a drama here yet. No hate to find. I feel save tell my story here. Thank you guys giving me this feeling
  3. Hello! So I saw someone started a topic that was very adult-themed and WHILE this site is Adults-Only I still have to ensure the entire site is friendly for all audiences. The reason for this is the following scenario: Let's say someone does not tell the truth about their age, let's say that person joins a topic with an adult-theme - That person is now engaged in an adult-themed conversation with someone who lied about their age and while I would not even be part of that conversation, I, as the owner of the site, would still get the blame. SO! With that being said, if any topics that are ADULT THEMED are started on this Adults-Only site, I am asking the mods remove it, or if I see it, I will remove it. I get it, talking about that stuff is FUN with ADULTS but on the internet, you never really know who you're talking to, so everything MUST remain appropriate for all audiences because LIARS ruin everything. Thanks for understanding guys.
  4. Just so you guys know... most every reaction to a post gives you positive rep or neutral rep (which helps you get to a higher rank, as seen with the military ranking under the avatars) BUT! You should know, using the "ANGRY" face reaction will hurt the rep of whoever posts it. Use it wisely
  5. So! I swapped out pretty much the entire collor scheme... if you like the OLD color scheme, you can get it back by going to the very bottom of the page and selecting the "Onision" layout. This one, if everything is white, orange, gray and blue - is the "Onision Light" theme... which actually looks a lot like the layout I had back in 2010... haha... Anyway! I chose my favorite layout and this is it... what do you prefer? What layout are you using? Update: I made the default theme the darker option again, but the new version is available still Figured I personally like the darker better... huh This is what the layout from 2013 looked like:
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