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Found 15 results

  1. This is what I'm on about at the moment:
  2. Please post any songs you think would be great to listen to while studying or whatever ๐Ÿ™‚ Probably YouTube or Spotify links are best maybe.
  3. It took me a few days to decompress from this past weekend. Started feeling human again by Wednesday. I spent A few days fishing, camping and playing music at a festival on the Shenandoah River. Had a blast but looking forward to some cooler weather here on the East coast. I know the West coast has been brutal this year too.. Anyway, hope everyone is having a great week.. Almost Friday again!
  4. I made this song a while ago... only now posting it to SoundCloud, hope you like ๐Ÿ™‚ Onision ยท The Lady Of My Life I might make more like this... guess we'll see.
  5. Onision ยท Life After The Last Song What is a favorite instrumental of yours? The above song is one of my favorites I've done... I also really like this one, obviously done by Nobuo Uematsu:
  6. If yes, which one/s? What made you want to learn it/them? How long have you been learning it/them for? Is it/are they hard to master?
  7. This song always gets stuck in my head:
  8. I like to produce music in my spare time and i was wondering if anyone else did?
  9. I'm posting this one because I was listening to it while I came up with this question lol 1985 by Bowling For Soup
  10. You know it really hurts my feelings when I promote Onision.net and you do a mean duet. You know it s*cks when I share my contact page and you stitch me onto your TikTok so trolls mail me their rage. --- Just because you asked I'm gonna STITCH AND DUET YOU!!! Please leave Onision.net alone!!! --- Haha! I'm telling all my followers to join and troll you on Onision.net PLEASE DON'T DO THAT! --- Already done. *crying* You know it really hurts my feelings when I promote Onision.net and you do a mean duet. Don't care bro.
  11. I am currently finishing up my first year of an undergraduate degree doing Music and Psychology (double major), and thought we could share some things we've learned from our studies! One study that interested me was focused on the 'Expectancy effect' otherwise known as a 'Self-fulfilling prophecy'. It is a belief about someone that leads you to change your behaviour which increases the likelihood of that behaviour occurring in the person in question. For some reason in this lecture I actually learned the proper story of Oedipus but I won't go into that right now. A study by Rosenthal and Jacobson (1968) looked at expectancy effects in school *****ren, where they all took IQ tests. The researchers told the teacher that a certain number of *****ren were 'bloomers', meaning they would have a sharp increase in IQ in the near future. The *****ren selected as 'bloomers' was entirely randomised, and not based on the scores of the first test. However, the ones that were labelled as 'Bloomers' had a higher increase in IQ points compared to the 'non-bloomers'. I really goes to show how people's expectations of you can shape who you are, and that is why it's so important to have supportive people around you, and how a good teacher could change your life. That is why I aspire to be a good teacher to my future students! The link to the study is down below if you would like to know more, as my description was quite basic: https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Pygmalion-in-the-Classroom-Rosenthal-Jacobson/59c14fab51544dc9c5ec4e56c5a962346859c06a (just click the pdf file when you get onto the site) On another note, I feel like I only got so far with piano because of how encouraging my teacher was. A piece of advice, be a positive influence to others and expect more than what you first think about them, they might surprise you :).
  12. Version 1.0.0


    I never knew I could find a guy as great as Onision Until I met anyone other than Onision Then I realized that Onision was kinda insane Yeah there's something not right with this guy Everyone around me, warned me not to watch Onision They said he'd brainwash me into loving Onision But all those people mysteriously disappeared now I don't remember what they said Onision's videos are the best in the world if every other entertainer was **** It's Onision, not OH-NEE-SHUN not ON SEE ON or ONION-SAN His name is James not greg or greggles stop calling him gurg, gorg or freaking gaggles. Onision not OM-NEE-SHUN not o-ni-SON not CREEP or *****ER Whatever you heard bad is always just a rumor. He's Onision, your neighborhood Onision, He's you're best friend if he's the only friend you got, If you had more friends they would be much better, But Onision is always the best.... If there's no competition. If there's no competition.
  13. https://youtu.be/z-GObi907RU I heard it like 10 years ago in the middle of the woods and it's haunted me ever since (I can haz embed? ;_; )
  14. I think I can speak for a lot off people that music is important. lets know each other with our music. Favorite song: i dont really have one if I need to pick my last song i will go for In the end from Linkin park! Favorite band: black veil brides! Do you use YouTube or Spotify?: I use Spotify for 6years now. This is my random music album.



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