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Found 1 result

  1. Everyone is welcome! Rules: be nice don't judge. Lets share here our story's, how did you came out? Did you ever get bullied about it? Did you get beaten up because of it? _______________________ My story I was 12 years old when I realized I liked yours 2. Fact is I was so young i didn't think about it that wouldn't be normal. The moment I knew just told everyone about it. My thoughts is everyone can fall in love with same gender maybe not now, but you never know. I got beat up because I'm Bis*xual. I was 20 years. I was in a club first time. In my life with friends. 1 of them told other girl about it. Those girl acted weird to me. Yeah maybe kinda my fault 2. I made a joke to my best friend about a girl wearing only a shirt with a zipper in the back. Told him if you open it you will see her b**bs I only joked about it to. Him I did nothing but I think g*rls saw my move moment (i expres alot with my hands when I'm talking) So when I was outside smoking my sigaret they beat me up. I felt so awful that night. I didn't go back that night I left. I never wouldn't going out again. I got scared.
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