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Found 7 results

  1. Whatโ€™s your favorite MMO game?
  2. So there's no question, if you play Grand Theft Auto, you're playing a game designed for people who want to be trashy. The game isn't for exclusively awesome people, it's not specifically for intelligent people, it's just a game that most everyone who can muster up enough mental fortitude to smash a few buttons, ok, great. Enter, Ghost of Tsushima, a game with actual soul. Unlike Grand Theft Auto, in Tsushima you're playing an actual hero, not a piece of garbage American trash loser, so that's an upgrade. No, you're playing a Samurai! Who just happens to occasionally m**der people, sometimes with poison, which you may think "Well James, that's worse than American trash losers!" And you're actually wrong, because this character is only doing these things to save his whole island from being horribly treated by foreign invaders who had already committed mass acts of terror against his own people. Think of it like this, if ALIENS invaded and enslaved the human population, would you be made if a Samurai snuck onto their ship, and p********d them? No? Ok, now you get why he's better than GTA America trash, lol. So the control scheme is actually very chill, you're able to move around easily and once you get used to the controls, it's basically unbearable (for me at least) to go back to games like Red d**d Redemption, especially considering the incredibly beautiful visuals in this game. You'll literally be playing this game and just want to stop to look at how beautiful the surroundings are. The way the leaves fall, the way the water flows, the Haiku you get to randomly construct throughout the game, it's all glorious and peaceful feeling. When I play games like Fallout, I normally feel kinda bummed out afterward because the whole world is doom and gloom, it's not a pleasant place to be, but when I played Tsushima, I felt so comfortable and calm, because the world was that way. The island was so pleasant that it made things clear, of course you're going to defend this place, it's paradise. So the storyline was really unfortunate it that it really is no fun losing family and friends to betrayal. The main character is basically backstabbed by every other person he knows and that's upsetting but at the same time, it seemed necessary for the plot to move in the direction it was and for people to truly understand how difficult war can be on everyone, socially, economically and mortally. Unlike so many TV Shows (Loki) and games that are poorly written, I was not playing this, yelling at the TV about how illogical everything was because for the most part, Ghost of Tsushima nails it. The story flows, the gameplay flows and the vibe is perfect. With that all being said, the reuse of the same Mongolians over and over does get annoying. Additionally the repetitious tasks are annoying as well. They use a lot of typical open world m*thods of gameplay, like doing the same thing over and over to gradually unlock certain abilities, and that can be really agitating however the environment, music and other gameplay moments compensate for it. Overall I'm incredibly happy with this game. I'm so glad I had the privilege of playing it and if I can generate enough money, I might buy it on the PS5 as they have a directors cut coming out. We'll see.
  3. What single electronic would you never want to be without, EXCLUDING your phone. For me, it's my computer... probably my laptop, as it's multifunctional for numerous circ*mstances and also can play games.
  4. Okay.. So for the past two years I've been getting super into Neopets I was wondering if anyone else on here plays too? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I need new friends on there; the site itself is kinda-d e a d cause flash doesn't work anymore.. (Also if anyone knows anything I'm trying to learn how trading works on there ..) ANYWAYS- LEMME KNOW AND PLEASE DO ADD ME 007swiftscout <------ Also I attached files of two of my neopets ๐Ÿ™‚ badvex + sproogie
  5. Hiya fellow gamers! I saw a topic about favorite games I got some more gamer questions -Do you have a gaming console, and if so which one(s)? -Do you have a favorite game genre? -Do you like play alone or with others? -Lets be steam/origin friends? For me I have a lot of gameboys. Most of the time if I game its on my computer. My favorite game genre yeah I didn't discovered that yet. I'm still firing that out. I love to game with others its more fun! Sadly my favorite game isn't multi-player. The sims. Origin username: cooldusniet Steam username: cool.dus.niet
  6. If so, It could be a specific game, or just playing them in general. (I'm replaying mass effect tomorrow & on. Maybe this explains my topic ๐Ÿ˜‚)
  7. Is there a video game you regret buying? I recently bought a Disney game, I don't even remember what it's called... *looks it up* Ok it's Disney ... it's cute and ok I guess... but buy it? It's a rental at best. How about you?



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