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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am Onision aka James. I am here because I tried a bunch of different software options for internet forums and came to the conclusion that none competes with this so, we're back... back to the best ~ Hope you love what I did. My favorite band... is... NIN. How about you?
  2. On the old forums, like all the forums, we had rules. Check this out (from a very old forum) Anyway, that's from 2010. And this became quite a popular topic, so I'd like to start it again with THE SAME RULES. Keep it politically correct and clean... now, what would you do to the person who posted just before you?
  3. Since everyone can have a bad day lets give each other a positive feed message. To make someones day beter! Lets make a game from it! How it works. 1 React with a gif on this topic. 2 go to profile from person above you 3 scrol to feed message board 4 type a positive text or add positive picture. Make sure that others can type a message on your profile. You can check that by settings from profile. If you can't react on the feed message board just quote the person on this topic! Have fun and a beautiful day!
  4. My schedule today basically involved me just setting this forum up and watching Dredd (Judge Dredd) - Also spent time with people who are awesome. How was your day?
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