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Found 6 results

  1. What forum skin are you using? I updated almost all of them recently to higher-resolution versions of what they were... hope you like the changes (^_^) - I'm using Orange Space for now.
  2. There are pretty awesome folks who help keep this forum alive. The monthly fee is $45, then there's the domain fee and taxes. All that comes out to about $50 so people supporting the forum through donation or membership are keeping it going. Here's a list so far, will reply to this topic to update the list! Thank you! 05/24/2021 / $15.00 / @brittniisundae 05/26/2021 / $14.00 / @brittniisundae This forum started in May, so we're almost to our goal already Most replies are disabled to keep this thread clear, but reactions are still active (^_^)
  3. the badges on this site are so fun! I can't wait to keep ranking up ~
  4. So many words blocked out such as C-hild or h-ate, it's honestly the most obnoxious thing I've ever experienced on a forum. Like I can't say c***d? Thats implying everyone who ever says the word has gr*ss intentions? That initself is kinda gr*ss, like I feel weird saying the word now as it's so demonized. It's just so weird to me. It's worse than Neopets filters
  5. I noticed lolcow is a bunch of people posting anonymously - making pretty much everything they say worthless because they're not wiling to publicly stand behind their words... But lolcow can't be entirely spineless keyboard warriors... What is good about that site, do you use it?
  6. So I updated the forum layout... a lot... if you look on your phone, the layout might not seem that different... but on DESKTOP? OMG, it's massive. Make sure you check out all the template versions and let me know what you think. To change the color scheme/background image please check this image out: Which is your favorite? Are you happy with the change? Got a theme you REALLY want? Like... something cartoonish? Maybe a little RICK AND MORTY?
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