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Found 2 results

  1. What do you do when you're bored and unmotivated
  2. I find this topic, funny, well, because I'm from New Jersey. So that means .. I pretty much remind everyone I am. Now this is ALL in good taste, I enjoy making fun of myself, and hey, nothin' is going on at work so.... But, I'm so interested in knowing what stereotypes there are within other states. I'll start. 1. Horrible drivers. - I would say.. aggressive. 2. We do not pump gas. - True 3. We're a loud bunch, and obnoxious, and rude... - I'm definitely loud. The other two, yeah they come and go.. 4. Most of us are Italians. - Hahaha, okay maybe... 5. Pizza. Bagels. 6. Pork roll. Taylor Ham. 7. Just a giant suburb in relation to Philly and NYC. - Completely false. 8. Mob-affiliated, or close to those. - cazzo stai parlando 9. We say 'Joisey'. - No I f***ing don't, and have never heard it either. 10. Everyone thinks that there is just one 'Jersey Shore'. "But no, I wanted to go to the JERSEY shore!" - The original MTV show Jersey Shore was filmed in Seaside Heights, NJ. This is one of many beaches along the Jersey Shore. There is also a reason the state banned them from ever filming or returning again. 11. Tanning and animal prints. - Guilty 12. Yes, a lot of New York teams practice and play here. 13. We f***ing hate Bennies. - Yes, that's why they're Bennies. I see your NY plate. 14. We say we hate it, but are loyal to NJ on an unhealthy level when someone insults our home state. - Truest statement here. Curious as to what other states' stereotypes may be, true or not... Always lived in the Tri-State Area so I would love to see the variations state by state... Help: I'm bored.
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