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Found 3 results

  1. I gotta say, it's total dog s***t. Like absolute, unforgivable, dog s***t. It was MEDIOCRE the first half, like SOMEWHAT interesting but also, it was about GENIUS writers while the actual writing for the show seemed so lazy and uncomfortable (as in, "hey someone who is socially inept must have wrote this because they don't even remotely understand how people really talk to each other"). NOW I KNOW a lot of people online just crap on things and almost never say anything good so I want to make sure you understand AMERICAN HORROR STORY SEASON 1 WAS AMAZING/GREAT. So considering I know what GOOD looks like, use that as your baseline. Most every season was good in AHS except for "CULT" --- and as far as "CULT" goes, it's actually better than the current mess. If you have not seen it, here is a summary of the most recent episodes: 1. Bad, nonsense/contextually illogical and overused exploding head effects. 2. Really dumb/lame background music. 3. The most t*rrible actors you can imagine for the "in color" segment of the show. (the black and white segment is... ok, but really bad impersonators of presidents are there as well) 4. SPONTANEOUSLY PREGNANT CIS MALES... WHAT? 5. Obvious attempts to appeal to GEN Z. Anyway, if you like it, go ahead, argue. Lol.Z
  2. So there is a lot of disturbing content on American Horror story, which is fine to an extent - in the most recent season they made an actual girl who was about 10 simulate ending someone's life and consuming their blood/eat a fake dead rabbit raw and I'm just wondering... who signed their offspring up for this? Why? How is that ok? Also, in American Horror Stories, they had someone who was 20 something play a 16 year old, and they then filmed that "16 year old" gratifying herself - making the audience ask themselves: Why are we watching this? Why is this on HULU? This is literally wrong. So??? How is any of this allowed and how is having a little girl pretend to end someone's life and drink their blood not causing long-term trauma? Telling millions watching and supporting this kind of thing, subjecting and actual young person to this is fine? This person is at the age when they are suppose to be playing with barbies. And the 20 something year old? That’s right next to doing ABDL for money, how is that ok?
  3. Best: Season 1 Worst: Cult What about you? What is the best and worst AHS to you?
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