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  1. If someone has a problem with you, would you rather them confront you about it even if it upsets you or keep it to themself?
  2. Yeah and if you look at his new video, he has gotten way more likes than dislikes. And there are people who get more dislikes, like Eugenia Cooney.
  3. The thing I wonder about cancel culture is are these people going to start cancelling family members and people they know IRL over something they said like a bad joke or opinion? lol People love to cancel famous people, but regular people say stuff too. I wanted to add something else that kind of goes with my last post. I remember a long time ago Lily-Rose Depp was getting backlash for supporting her own father, Johnny Depp. Like people actually expected her to not be on her own dad’s side and thought she shouldn’t be. How can they judge her for that? What if it was their own family member? And especially in this specific case, where we all know now it’s a bunch of bulls***t.
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