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  1. The topics can be p interesting and I like to see what's going on, what everybody is chatting about, what's on ya minds
  2. I mean there have been supermodels with gap teeth, personally if someone had t*rrible oral hygiene that'd be a turn off for me but not having perfectly straight, porcelain white teeth isn't really a big deal 🤔
  3. When people turn into the lane farthest from them when driving. Traffic would run so much smoother if they turned into their own lane, it's so annoying to me
  4. I keep old cell phones and hard drives, they're like digital scrap books
  5. Are they going to keep making them? I figured they'd stop when Kojima left
  6. Jeez thats so gr*ss, I don't eat fast food anyway unless I can tell 100% what I'm eating is what they say it is anyway but McDonald's is the def the worst if the worst
  7. See I'd go for just enough to be comfortable which is p much where I'm at now, but I'd also like to make all my friends and family to be able to be comfortable too
  8. I really like that America is such a melting pot of foods, I come from Cajun land so seafood is the best and crawfish is my personal favorite food, with my mammaws chicken and dumplings being not far behind McDonald's has taken over thr world and its alarming
  9. Yeah with any school, or major financial burden youre planning to take on really, it's important to do your research on it. It'd really like to see more streamlined course options in major colleges as well, but I'm doubtful we will ever see it
  10. While you work just to pay back your loans 😂
  11. I'm currently in college, and I'd say between college and university a trade school is most ideal, it's a streamlined course towards your desired degree which costs a fraction of a traditional university, the only down side I there aren't as many degree options as you'd have with a traditional uni Yeah I don't trust that place either, and I heard most employers completely disregard anyone with a degree from there
  12. I once had this mom and pop internet service because it was the only thing available in my area, it wasn't even good enough to watch Netflix without constant buffering and it was like 265 a month or som*thing
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