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  1. I get along really well with my neighbors, we grill and trade veggies and wave and what not but I do be side eyeing those one guys with the dirt wall pretty hard
  2. I really liked this movie, but I haven't seen it in awhile
  3. I wanted to be a Rockstar of course , but alas now I am working towards a computer software engineering degree
  4. I kind of want a Rohm rg-14 but that's just so I can say look at my Saturday night special lol other than that nah bullets too expensive these days
  5. How tf yall doing these gigs because it always says mine are unsupported
  6. According to Emily artful she would frequently message her on burner accounts, and she traced them back to creepshow(an incredibly fitting name lmao) and her husband via ip addresses, which always fit their devices/location changes
  7. Apparently there was a tiktok she had where she was logged into one of the socks on Twitter and didn't realize it and in the lolcow posts she was literally talking to herself as different persons a few times
  8. In those kinds of instances nah if someone does illegal stuff I'd more than likely report them though, but idt that's revenge so much as consequences of their actions
  9. A couple handguns, an ar, a couple .22s, and a shotgun
  10. They close your pores and tighten your skin, so make you age slower. They're also good for your hair. Idk tho I'd rather d*e
  11. What do you mean? Like someone doing a crime on you or what
  12. I saw that our galaxy is going to end because we are on a collision course with another whole *** galaxy rn
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