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  1. now,........ this is a tough debate, and yes there's a lot of possibility... there's so many of these powerful little creatures to pick from but i... think i can make my case. My opinion may be controversial, but the onision forums is exactly the place for such controversial, harrowing debate. I now present my case, and I hope you open your head and heart to my argument. EXHIBIT A monky. he is monky and his name is fumbles and he is the best. you could perhaps change my mind, but it'll be a tough sway as he is fumbles the monkey AND he is fuzzy, however i am willing to hear out the opinion of any esteemed beanie baby connoisseur. HOWEVER, I will provide my last piece of evidence before I close off my post. EXHIBIT B (b for boom because this is mindeblowing) look at him. he is so ****ing cool. I apologize for making such a strong argument, I know I've provided a tough case for anyone with opposing opinions but I hope you are willing to chip ur 2 cents into my debate all beanie fans welcome.
  2. Oh oh! Are we supposed to be able to see the channel names? I wasn't able to see them before, but starting today I've been able to see them. Haven't been able to see anyfin anyone else is posting, buuuuuuuut I can see the names, which is more than usual. Was that done on purpose? Or is uhh... reading the channel names perhaps a member perk somehow lol?
  3. 🥺 Oh how pettable they look. It's such a shame they went extinct!
  4. Oooooo! Looks very cool! Context?!??
  5. I'm sorry to hear that happened! That's awfully scary! Don't feel pressured to share more info if it's not comfortable for u to talk about :(( I hope you and all of your room/boardmates are healthy and safe now!!!
  6. i feel like it gets a little tedious, but it's really really nice! Definitely a game that can eat your hours up big time! Especially since the music is so nice and it lulls you into playing for hours and hours
  7. What of the folks who are not immortal or elite? I cannot afford either, but I really enjoy browsing and posting here. I was disappointed to find the discord wasn't able to be used by regular members, but totes cool with it after coming upon the website and muscling in through approvals and such. Are we going to have somewhere to chat, or will it only be for folks who pay money now? 😰 Referencing the post on the discord in which he mentions making the forums exclusively for immortals and elites.
  8. I thought of..,, a funny word and i went "hee hee" and now it is my name. ☺️
  9. OH MY STARS!!! NEOPETS!!! Yes, I loved neopets so much! I got into it when I got my little silly hands on a neopets happy meal toy a long time back! I don't remember the details because I never got into it as much as I did webkinz!! (I had so many webkins hoo nelly!)
  10. Hello!!!! Welcomes!!!! I joined today too!!! I'm having a very good day, I hope you are toos thank you!!!!! 😄
  11. Hello my name is Slunky! I was an Onision fan for quite awhile and I was "cure of e us" to see what the hullabaloo was all about over here. I hope we can be friends. If any of you like to talk about things that are strange or obscure I am your friend! 🤗
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