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  1. I've been struggling with ed since i was 12 a big part of this was when I started watching egunia I thought she looked amazing and I was really into her style I also how skinny she was I wanted to be like that so I started skipping meals I didn't eat at school always skipped my lunch as school but I knew I had to eat dinner at home so I would say then be sick this then set off me getting acid reflux where it got so bad I couldn't eat anything without being sick I had to have medicine for this from the doctors I was getting extremely skinny at one point I was 5st I was never hospitalised now I still struggle with my eating I try my best to eat as much as I can but when I'm stressed to start to skip meals and restic good
  2. When I was In middle school I was friends with this person called holly I ended up developing feelings for her this was where I kinda found out I was bi later on I found out I was pan as I developed felling for a close trans guy friend I asked them out and they're mum wasn't happy with the idea at all they already had issues with accepting they where trans and me asking them out didn't help with that as they still saw him as a she I then was forced to come out to my mum I trusted my mum not to tell people until I was ready but since she has a problem with alochol she told my dad and gran when she was drunk my dad and gran where accepting just i felt that she took away something if that makes sense I'm no longer bitter about that but I was for a while
  3. I've been wanting to play metal gear solid for a bit now I played a bit on Xbox ages ago what metal gear do you recommend to play
  4. My switch code is SW-4782-0208-3707 the games that I have are monster Hunter smash bros and pokemon shield
  5. Kirito You're a full-time gamer and meet new friends when gaming. You do whatever it takes to meet your goals, no matter the odds, but because of this you can come off as rude.
  6. Evolved the trailer made it seem so much more than it actually was 60 quid down the drain for it to be free a month or so later
  7. . At least you're managing to get enjoyment out of the game considering how bad their lunch was
  8. I enjoy the skits that you used to do on the old onision forums videos because of how brutally honest you are with the people who posted on rate me or something similar.
  9. I love to draw creepy and nightmare fuel stuff
  10. Listening to music and laying in my bed.
  11. Guys and girls can definitely be just friends sometimes girls get on with guys more often because most girls like to start drama and it's sometimes difficult to come across girls that don't like to start up drama. Also it could be difficult for some to find the same gender that enjoy the same interests. Honestly the guys can't be friends with girls concept is very flawd and dumb in my opinion
  12. Honestly if she did it wouldn't surprise me it baffles me how she even got where she is
  13. You Are 36% Ravenclaw, 32% Gryffindor, 23% Slytherin, and 9% Hufflepuff!
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